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Welcome to Loving Kindness in CT


1) Our new FREE Buddhism Audios and Videos site.

2)Venerable Dhammadipa (Home page )性空法師(Ven. Xingkong), Czech Nationality.

Latest and all  Ven. Dhammadipa’s  recording Click here
year 2011 ,  Ven. Dhammadipa most update retreat schedule of around the world.

3) Dhamma Talks by Ayya Sayalay Susila, and her Online Seminar of Sutta :

We have a lot of past recordings in both English and Chinese.

The book written by Ayya is also available online.

Dhamma talks of recordings of the Vipassana Retreat , led by Ayya Sayalay Susila, are online now! Enjoy!

Interested in learning Abhidhamma online with Sayalay Susila? Do not be intimidated by the technical terms in Abhidhamma. Sayalay will provide various examples in great clarity that can be easily understood by learners of all different levels. Enjoy your guided tour to explore the ocean of wisdom of Abhidhamma.

Click here to go to Ayya Susila’s personal page

4) New!!! Your can also visit our pages for Bhante Bhikkhu Bodhi

6) Majjhima Nikāya Online Study Group Text preview Join now (see #9)!!

Following Bhikkhu Bodhi’s teaching to systematically penetrate the lovely dharma world which Majjhima Nikaya unfold to us. Through discuss and explore to relevant text Bhante his speech refer from , we will be more skillful to tackle  even the in between lines meaning these Sutta may have contain.

7) Please visit our Resource page. We have a lot of e-books and articles, providing you a systematic introduction to Buddhist theories and practices taught by renown teachers. We also have many audio and video recordings of dharma talks and teaching of samatha (concentration) and vipassana (insight) meditation.

8) Free Loving Kindness Buddhist Youth Group is proving successful! Please visit our new YOUTH GROUP PAGE for more information.

9) NEW Two-Way Live Online Classes:


This website and blog was created by the Loving Kindness Meditation Greater Hartford Group in CT  to help communicate information about events and valuable Buddha teaching resources in text, audio, video and teachers information vailable for you in and around the Connecticut area and online for people anywhere. Please let us know if you have any questions at lovingkindnessinct@gmail.com.

The FREE activities we provide include monthly Friday night meditation,  monthly Buddhism study groups, online Pali  study groups, and others online live Dhamma CLass,  all led by monastics and professionals. Weekly group practices.and online study group. For more details please go to Events.


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